Vous devez installer le framework Microsoft .Net 2.0 ou supérieure.


Pour installer MezzoAutomator, dézippez l’archive
dans le répertoire de votre choix.


Pour exécuter le programme, ouvrez une console, placez vous dans le répertoire d'installation et tapez la commande suivante :
 ma c:\path\to\xml\config.xml
ou c:\path\to\xml\config.xml est le chemin d'accès à votre fichier de configuration xml.

Le programme fera
The program will then :
– Read configuration file
– Set mode (runonce or timed execution)
– Connect to Mezzoteam using a login and password
– Define input processing (only DirScan is available for the time being)
– Get an array of objects (files for DirScan) matching search pattern
– Define output processing from the following methods available :
– Transfer file to existing folder
– Transfer file to existing document
– Create a new document from global config parameters and transfer file
– Create a new document from a separate xml file and transfer file
– Repeat processing after delay or terminate according to mode

All configuration in Mezzoteam is made through an xml config file. You will
find several examples of config files in the samples folder in the program
zip file.

A MezzoAutomator config file must be a valid xml file, and thus all
configuration items must be enclosed in the following tags :


… Config items go here


Mandatory Tags
Defines the delay between subsequent exection of Mezzoteam, in minutes.
A 0 value means MezzoAutomator will be run only once.

In version 0.1, DirScan is the only input method. Scans a directory for
matching files.

The directory to scan for new files to transfer.

The filter that will be applied to files inside the input directory.

How will processed files be marked once processed ? Possible values FileDelete,
FileRename FileMove. If FileMove is chosen, you will need to add the
InputProcessedDirectory tag to your config file.

Only mandatory if you use the InputFileMarkingMethod FileMove. Designates the
folder where target files will be moved after processing.
This is the server URL (no slash at the end !)

Tells MezzoAutomator how to process the objects retrieved by the input method.
Are available in this version :
– FileTransferToExistingFolder : transfers file retrieved to a folder
whose path is specified in the OutputFolderPath tag.
– FileTransferToExistingDocument : searches in the workspace for a document
whose code (document code) matches the name of the file (without the extension)
file APD-PRS-PL-0001-A.DWG will be uploaded to document APD-PRS-PL-0001-A.
– StaticDocumentCreate : creates a new document using document properties
found in the config file, and then uploads the file to this document. You must
include the OutputDocAttributes tag definition in your config file.
– DynamicDocumentCreate : creates a new document from a xml file (ie test.xml)
located besides the processed file (ie test.pdf), and uploads the file to this
document. You must include the moDocumentProperties tag definition in your
config file.

The unique Id of the workspace in which files will be uploaded and documents
created. See FAQ below on how to retrieve the Id of a workspace.

Name of MezzoAutomator logfile.

Conditional tags
These tags may be mandatory according to the input or output method you use.

The output folder path as seen in the folder explorer of Mezzoteam. To specify
the root folder of the workspace, provide an empty string.
… Config tags go here

Describes a Mezzoteam document. The tags you will find enclosed are :
: Id of the workspace in which you want to create your document.
: the code of the document type in which you want to create your document
: the code of the status of the document (EN COURS, DISPONIBLE, …)
: path to the parent folder of the document

… Attribute tags go here

List of the attributes of the document in the form of :


Where code is the code of the document type field, and value the provided
value. You may include the following file related tags, which will be replaced
« %MODIFIED% ». The following attribute definition :

File %NAME% created %CREATED%

will return « File toto.pdf created 29/08/2009 » if current processed file name
is toto.pdf and its creation date if August 29th, 2009.

Optional tags
If the user login is not provided in the config file, it will be asked for in
the console at program launch.

Although this tag is included, use it with EXTREME caution, as your password
will be stored in plain text in the config file. If not included, it will be
asked for in the console at program launch.


How to retrieve the Id of a workspace ?
To retrieve the Id of a workspace, open any document in the chosen workspace.
In the address bar of your browser, you will see an Url looking like this :
Copy everything on the right of « &ws= », this is the workspace Id.